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UKCA Structural Steel Bristol

UKCA Structural Steel Bristol

We hope everyone has now settled into the New Year and had a nice festive break? In amongst all the eating and drinking, dancing and snoozing, this is also, often, an ideal opportunity to get organised around the house and decide upon ‘next projects.’  So, let us take this opportunity to remind you of what Rank Engineering can do for you, to help you realise your metal fabrication ambitions this year. Rank Engineering don’t just offer UKCA structural steel solutions in Bristol…

Rank Engineering offers custom, metal fabrication, structural steel and architectural solutions to our customers across the UK, but predominantly in the South, in and around Bristol and Oxford.  We are UKCA certified up to execution class 2, which is a legal requirement for structural steel projects, so our customers can rely on us to supply and install quality steel products, which have been manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1090-2:2018 and BS EN 14731:2019 in our on-site, state of the art factory, on the Barton Hill Trading Estate in Bristol.  We provide a quick, lead-time and end to end, project management; from site surveys to installation, as well as real time, experienced, engineering problem solving, which cannot be overlooked!  An optimum approach, from the outset, can save our customers lots of time and money in the long run.

It is a common misconception for customers, regarding structural steel projects, to simply go with the cheapest quote.  This can be a big mistake.  There are a lot of charlatans out there undercutting professional, fabrication businesses and this is a dangerous game!  Rank Engineering are extremely competitive, we pride ourselves in this fact.  It is also demonstrated by the fact that, we have remained in business, as Bristol’s ‘go-to’ metal fabrication business, since 1994.  Without UKCA certification like us, there is often no traceability, therefore, you have no idea about the quality of the steel or the welds.  It only takes a flawed piece of steel, on a crux joint, with an inferior weld for the whole system to fail.  Therefore, it is so important to instruct a reputable, fabrication business like us, so that, there are no corners cut and you can rely on the quality of the product and service you are buying.  This is not even to mention the implications down the line, regarding building regulation approval and the potential, negative effect on the value of your property if, for example, you can’t prove the work has been completed to the legal requirements.  Instead of adding value to your property, you could be devaluing it!

With all of this in mind, why don’t you give Rank Engineering a call on 0117 955 1298 or email and we will be happy help our customers realise their potential this year.  Structural steel, fabrication solutions are our forte so rest assured, let us take the stress out of the project for you.  Just look at some of the marvelous projects which have been undertaken by us recently!  #BristolSteel #OxfordSteel #SteelFabricators #StructuralSteel #RankEngineering #Esprit #BristolSteelProfiles #DesignAndBuild #SteelDesign #MetalFabrications #ArchitecturalMetalwork #Custom #Bespoke #FireEscape #Staircase #SteelBeams #MetalBalcony #LoftConversion #StructuralFabrication #SteelFrameBuilding #EndToEnd #Construction #Engineering