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Custom Galvanised Steel Staircases

Structural Steel – Galvanisation

The Steel Journey: Galvanised Steel Fire Escapes

Galvanised Steel Fire Escapes and Custom Steel Staircases:

Niche Specification:

At Rank Engineering we are often asked to fabricate custom metal balustrades and handrails, as well as stringers, treads, landing plates and mezzanine floors for commercial clients and private customers alike. We tailor their design according to niche specifications and they can take many shapes and forms. Rank Engineering have been producing galvanised steel fire escapes and bespoke handrails, balustrades, mezzanine floors and staircases for 30 years!

Balustrades and Handrails:

Balustrades and handrails are often exclusively made out of mild steel, however, stainless steel is sometimes a bespoke consideration. The latter comes in a range of finishes such as dull or mirror polished. In light of the former, galvanisation is often desirable if outdoor installation is a requirement. Bespoke metal fabrications like this can also be powder coated in any RAL colour (to be discussed in the next chapter of The Steel Journey). Nevertheless, whatever look you are going for, we offer advice on the optimum method of achieving the design you want; end to end, whether it be a spiral staircase, a glass balustrade or even a Victorian paneled balustrade Hippodrome London – Rank Engineering . The style of welding is also adaptable to purpose for example, thinner welding wire is optimum for fiddley detailing.

Building Regulations Compliant:

Treads, landing plates and mezzanine floors are designed according to endless configurations. Rank Engineering tailor the custom metal design for you. Durbar steel plate is often used as it is very durable, non-slip and can be galvanised for rust prevention, however steel tray treads filled with concrete are also sometimes required. Conversely, steel plate treads clad in timber are quite popular. Sometimes, a more rustic look as opposed to industrial look is preferable. Evidently, it is reassuring that, all custom metal fire escapes and staircases Rank Engineering manufacture and install; indoors or outdoors, undergo strict design adherence to building regulation compliance standards. This is extremely important. Markedly, not just for safety purposes, but also for building regulations approval, which directly impacts the resultant desired utilisation of the property, not to mention the value.