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At Rank Engineering, we adopt a positive approach to Health, Safety, Quality, Data Protection and the mitigation of Risk both in-house and on-site.

Upon commencement of employment, all employees undergo induction training and this is continually reinforced throughout their career, irrespective of departmental divisions.

Communication is paramount in this respect.  Posters and notices are regularly displayed and updated throughout the premises, to remind employees about their legal rights and obligations, convey current information and to ensure a safe working environment, for everyone, is maintained.

Representative statistics are contemporaneously collated on our multiple, regularly updated policies and procedures.  This allows for retrospective, Quality Analysis to encourage maximum efficiency and optimum allocation of our time and resources.

To ensure that, a positive safety culture is maintained, the management team approves various, domestic policies and procedures such as:

  • Employment Induction
  • Role Specific Staff Training (to their level and higher)
  • Contract Specific Training
  • Ongoing Reinforcement and Refresher Training (toolbox talks, internal training, external training courses, safety bulletins)
  • Regular Monitoring and Inspections
  • Procedures for Subcontractors
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Data Protection Policy

Privacy Notice:

Rank Engineering – Not Just a Privacy Phase…

At Rank Engineering, we have always taken data protection seriously, however in light of GDPR (effective 25th May 2018), we have updated our policies + procedures, which are always subject to regular, optimum review; to accommodate the new stringent, ‘legislative framework of operation’ set out, remain compliant and offer more transparency + scope to our clientele, with respect to the personal data we process about them.

Our lawful basis for collecting and storing your personal data, for as long as is reasonably practicable, is the fact that, we need to to fulfil our contractual obligations to you because you have asked us to do something for you for example, provide you with a quote or undertake a job, at your requirement. It is necessary to process it i.e., keep records of it to refer to again, should we need to contact you regarding an associated issue, and we could not reasonably conduct our operations efficiently, which is paramount in an engineering company, without doing so.

Rest assured that, Rank Engineering takes the accuracy, security and the purging of your personal data as a top priority and we adopt appropriate measures to ensure it is kept up to date, safe and disposed of legitimately, respectively. We only share it with respectable, third-party contractors, if it is wholly necessary to complete our contractual obligations to you for example, passing them on to a courier so they can deliver your assemblies. In accordance with their legal obligations, we are confident that, they treat it with the same respect. If, for any purpose, it is necessary to disclose your personal data for a reason that, is different from the originally specified purpose, we would ensure that, the new use is fair, lawful, transparent and secure.

If, for whatever reason, you deem it necessary to access, transfer, rectify or limit your personal data that we hold, please direct all enquiries to, FAO – The Privacy Officer and we will respond within a month and endeavour to satisfy your request as soon as is feasibly achievable, in line with our legal obligations to do so.


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