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Merry Christmas 2022 & Happy New Year 2023

With the end of 2022 fast approaching, Rank Engineering, Bristol’s structural steel and custom, metal fabrication experts, would like to wish all of our customers and colleagues a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!  We would also like to thank our closeknit fabrication team and installation crew for working so hard, to help our customers finalise their steel, design projects and not forgetting, our office gurus, for which, it would not be possible, without their tenacity behind the scenes.  We hope everyone enjoys our Christmas party at The Pump House on Bristol Docks this year.  It certainly is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas- it was -6 °C outside this morning! 

Why not also take this opportunity, as the year winds down, to tie off those loose ends and finally, request a quotation for that niggling, custom, metal project that, you have been shelving for the past year, until you have the time to think about what you properly want?  Although we are shutting the factory up from Thursday 22nd Dec up until Tuesday 3rd Jan, our customers can still submit their enquiries online, via our website, using the following link:

Contact us – Rank Engineering Structural Steelwork Bristol

Or, simply email us directly on: and we will pick this up first thing in the New Year.  Whether it be a new balustrade, or a custom, plasma cut panel in mild steel and powder coated whatever colour you want, or even a bespoke, galvanised staircase for outside, if it’s niche, metal fabrications you want, Rank Engineering will manage the project for you, end to end, from design to installation.  And with UKCA accreditation, our customers know that, they can rely on us to get the job done for them, to a very high spec and at a very competitive price, or we wouldn’t have maintained our acumen as Bristol’s go-to, family-run, metal fab business for nearly 30 years now.  And don’t forget we have now branched out to Oxford and actually cover most of the UK! Rank Engineering would also like this prime chance (it would be rude not to), to showcase some of our favourite, steel design projects, from the past few years so we can reaffirm what we can do for our customers.  From sturdy steel frame buildings in schools, to bespoke architectural fit outs on historic buildings in Bristol’s Temple Quarter.  From public art installations in Bristol City Centre to custom, modern balustrades in climbing centres and even, Thor’s hammer!  The latter, designed and fabricated according to a customer’s niche conception.  The diversity of custom, metal projects designed and manufactured here at Rank Engineering, all under one roof, in our on-site factory, in the heart of Bristol, never ceases to amaze us.  And they just keep on getting bigger and better!  We are really looking forward to an innovative and prosperous New Year and we hope you are too.  Now who can remember the lyrics to Old Lang Syne? #BristolSteel #OxfordSteel #SteelFabricators #StructuralSteel #RankEngineering #Esprit #BristolSteelProfiles #DesignAndBuild #SteelDesign #MetalFabrications #ArchitecturalMetalwork #Custom #Bespoke #FireEscape #Staircase #SteelBeams #MetalBalcony #LoftConversion #StructuralFabrication #SteelFrameBuilding #EndToEnd #Construction #Engineering